Vynka Hallam


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Limited Edition Print unframed

Leave your worries by the shore line, ⠀
And run your bare feet through the sand, ⠀
Let the water be a soft bed, ⠀
When you cannot bear to stand, ⠀
Make friends with flying seagulls, ⠀
And hold the sun up on your palm, ⠀
Before you duck beneath the water, ⠀
Where the world is mute and calm, ⠀
Tell the fish all of your problems, ⠀
As they all come swimming past, ⠀
When your lungs are close to bursting, ⠀
Swim above the waves and gasp, ⠀
Let the water hold your sadness, ⠀
And wash it right out to the sea, ⠀
So like a message in a bottle, ⠀
All your worries are set free, ⠀
And the sea might make you feel alone, ⠀
But the world has troubles too, ⠀
For how else do you suppose, ⠀
That the ocean got so blue?⠀

Archival, soft textured surface museum quality paper 315gsm

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60x60cm + white border 3cm

84x84cm + white border 3cm

97x97cm + white border 3cm