Vynka Hallam


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Sometimes a craving comes for salt, not sweet, For fruits that you can eat Only if pickled in a vat of tears— A rich and dark and indehiscent meat Clinging tightly to the pit—on spears⠀
Of toothpicks maybe, drowned beneath a tide⠀
Of vodka and vermouth, Rocking at the bottom of a wide, Shallow, long-stemmed glass, and gentrified,⠀
Or rustic, on a plate cracked like a tooth,⠀
Paradigmatic summers that decline Like singular archaic nouns, the troops Of hours in retreat. These fruits are mine—⠀
Small bitter drupes⠀
Full of the golden past and cured in brine.⠀
- A.E Stallings⠀

Acrylic on Canvas 


Shadowbox Frame